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Intuitive and simple

Designed by professional coaches

Conveniently manage and grow your coaching practice using a highly reliable and powerful solution without having to worry about updates, servers, and tasks that do not add direct value to your coaching endeavors. Establish your professional image launching your business strengthening client relationships. Keep notes on background info, conversations, client goals and accountabilities. Bobby Coach helps you support clients through their entire coaching experience.

Bobby Coach provides tools both for you and your client.

  • Save time. Cut down unnecessary admin and phone calls. Arrange sessions in seconds!

    You can schedule appointments. The system emails or texts the other party about scheduling sessions, and sends emails automatically to you and/or your client on the dates you choose to remind them of anything.

  • With Bobby coach you won’t need any kind of invoicing application.

    It lets you administer collections and invoicings by processes and/or sessions. Manage all aspects of billing by developing customized invoices and setting up payment plans.

  • Bobby Coach creates automatic reminders for sessions your coaching sessions and more.

    Bobby Coach lets you automate reminders of sessions, tasks, processes, etc…These reminders are received by your client straight on his email address and by you too. You will never forget any details.

  • Communicate with your clients the easiest way. Bobby Coach has an internal communication tool between you and your clients.

    You can easily communicate with them from the application. Every time you send a message to your client he will receive an email notification. He can communicate with you the same way. Thus no clients’ emails will be mislaid as they will be saved on their profiles.

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  • Store contracts, assessments, notes and other critical documents in an online filing system designed to keep you organized and prepared for upcoming sessions.

    Everything is recorded and documented, so you can remind your client about their goals and intentions. You can ‘call them out’ when they contradict themselves. You can hold them accountable to what they have written down. Clients can similarly upload files to share with you.

  • Bobby Coach lets you create questionnaires for your clients, a very useful tool to collect information for your processes and sessions.

    Moreover, each questionnaire you add will be saved as a template for you to use as many times as you need to, Including a wheel of life for each questionnaire. Give your client an opportunity to clarify their intentions and agenda prior to your session.

  • You can manage all your clients on Bobby Coach. Each client has their own client account, which they can access anywhere in the world using a browser and internet connection.

    No complicated manuals or training courses needed. Invite clients to access the Client Dashboard to track coaching engagement progress.

  • Bobby Coach allows you to create customizable wheel of life for your clients.

    The Wheel of Life provides a unique model for clients. The wheel shows clients what balance in their life looks like. Coaches use this tool with clients in the discovery session, sample sessions and to get a sense of fulfillment in the client’s life.

Client and Coach Pages

Bobby Coach Tracks and facilitates your clients’ progress. All your information regarding a given client is organized in one secure area which is easily accessible from your Dashboard. Clients access their page via their own unique login.

Coach Dashboard
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Client Dashboard
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Why try it
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Your virtual assistant

Cut down unnecessary admin and phone calls. Arrange sessions in seconds!

No credit card required

You only need a name and an email to start to use the Bobby Coach freemium version.

Value added for your clients

Bobby Coach helps your clients to monitor all the coaching processes with each of their sessions as well as add tasks to each of them.

Easy to use

At a glance you have all your customer information. Do your job faster and better with Bobby Coach. The software for coaches!

Engage your clients

Clients can access forms, documents, online scheduling and other tools to keep them engaged in an optimal coaching experience.

A coach’s best friend

Bobby Coach has been created for and by professional coaches.

All in one

Organize and automate your coaching

Add value to your coaching engagements by giving each client a tangible, interactive workspace that facilitates communication, supports performance, and documents their progress with you.

No matter what device is being used, you and your client will always be able access your information. Bobby Coach is a tool which helps you organize & automate your professional coaching business in a single, all-inclusive application.